Business Analyst

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Summary statement

Analyses Information System for improving business performance.



Identifies areas where information system changes are needed to support business plans and monitors the impact in terms of change management. Contributes to the general functional requirements of the business organization in the area of ICT solutions. Analyses business needs and translates them into ICT solutions.


Main task/s

  • Contribute to the preparation of the business plan of the organization
  • Identify areas for improvement in business processes providing possible ICT solutions compliant with the ICT strategy
  • Build requirements, specifications, business processes and the business case related to the proposed solutions
  • Analyze required information and documents


IT Craftsmanship

Information System and Business Strategy Alignment

Provides leadership for the construction and implementation of long term innovative IS solutions.

Business Plan Development

Provides leadership for the creation of an information system strategy that meets the requirements of the business (e.g. distributed, mobility-based) and includes risks and opportunities.

Needs Identification

Exploits wide ranging specialist knowledge of the customers business to offer possible solutions to business needs. Provides expert guidance to the customer by proposing solutions and supplier.

Information and Knowledge Management

Integrates the appropriate information structure into the corporate environment.

Process Improvement

Provides leadership and authorizes implementation of innovations and improvements that will enhance competitiveness or efficiency. Demonstrates to senior management the business advantage of potential changes.