Database Administrator

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Summary statement

Designs, implements or monitors and maintains data sets, structured (databases) and unstructured (big data).



Administer and monitor data management systems and ensures design, consistency, quality and security.


Main task/s

  • Apply standards methods and tools for measuring and reporting on wide set of relevant performance indicators (response time,availability, safety, integrity)
  • Produce data set procedures and instructions for other analysts or administrators
  • Monitor and maintain data management systems
  • Ensure the integrity and security of existing data management systems
  • Identify, investigate and correct problems or incidents related to data management systems
  • Provide training, support, advice and guidance on data set issues to other information system practitioners


IT Craftsmanship

Application Development

Acts creatively to develop applications and to select appropriate technical options. Accounts for others development activities. Optimizes application development, maintenance and performance by employing design patterns and by reusing proved solutions.

Component Integration

Accounts for own and others actions in the integration process. Complies with appropriate standards and change control procedures to maintain integrity of the overall system functionality and reliability.

Change Support

Ensures the integrity of the system by controlling the application of functional updates, software or hardware additions and maintenance activities. Complies with budget requirements.

Information and Knowledge Management

Analyses business processes and associated information requirements and provides the most appropriate information structure.

Information Security Management

Evaluates security management measures and indicators and decides if compliant to information security policy. Investigates and instigates remedial measures to address any security breaches.