Database Administrator

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Summary statement

Designs, implements, or monitors and maintains databases.



Ensures the design and the implementation (Developer), or ensures the maintenance and repair of an organization’s database (Administrator) to support information system solutions that meet business information needs.

Verifies the development and design of database strategies, monitoring and improving database performance and capacity, and planning for future expansion requirements.

Plans, co-ordinates and implements security measures to safeguard the database.




Data model


Solution specification
Solution in operation


Test procedure
Solved incident


Main task/s

  • Define/ build/optimize database models and schemas
  • Apply standards methods and tools for measuring and reporting on wide set of relevant performance indicators (response time, availability, safety, integrity …)
  • Produce database procedures and instructions for other analysts or administrators
  • Monitor and maintain databases
  • Identify, investigate and correct problems or incidents related to databases
  • Provide training, support, advice and guidance on database issues to other information system practitioner.


KPI area

Database in operation.


IT competencies

A.6. Application Design Level 1

B.1. Application Development Level 3

B.2. Component Integration Level 2 en Level 3

C.4. Problem Management Level 3

D.10. Information and Knowledge Management Level 3