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Summary statement

Builds/codes ICT solutions and specifies ICT products according to customer needs.



Ensures building and implementing of ICT applications. Contributes to planning, low level design. Compiles diagnostic programs and designs and writes code for operating systems and software to ensure optimum efficiency and functionality.


Main task/s

  • Develop engineer and integrate components
  • Follow user experience guidelines
  • Aware of and address known security vulnerabilities, applying security by design
  • Shape documentation
  • Provide advanced, component technical support
  • Resolve issues prior to and following testing


IT Craftsmanship

Application Development

Acts creatively to develop applications and to select appropriate technical options. Accounts for others development activities. Optimizes application development, maintenance and performance by employing design patterns and by reusing proved solutions.

Component Integration

Acts systematically to identify compatibility of software and hardware specifications. Documents all activities during installation and records deviations and remedial activities.


Organises test programmes and builds scripts to stress test potential vulnerabilities. Records and reports outcomes providing analysis of results.

Documentation Production

Adapts the level of detail according to the objective of the documentation and the targeted population.

Problem Management

Exploits specialist knowledge and in-depth understanding of the ICT infrastructure and problem management process to identify failures and resolve with minimum outage. Makes sound decisions in emotionally charged environments on appropriate action required to minimize business impact. Rapidly identifies failing component, selects alternatives such as repair, replace or reconfigure.