Digital Consultant

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Summary statement

Supports understanding of how digital technologies add value to a business.



Maintains a technology watch to inform stakeholders of existing and emerging technologies and their potential to add business value. Supports the identification of needs and solutions for achieving business and IS strategic goals.

Main task/s

  • Provide advice on how to optimize the use of existing tools and systems
  • Raise awareness of information technology innovations and potential value to a business
  • Make recommendations for the development and implementation of a business project or technological solution
  • Participate in scoping the business case for potential projects
  • Participate in the assessment and choice of digital solutions
  • Assess risks of change to business continuity and for information security


IT Craftsmanship

Technology Trend Monitoring

Exploits wide ranging specialist knowledge of new and emerging technologies, coupled with a deep understanding of the business, to envision and articulate solutions for the future. Provides expert guidance and advice, to the leadership team to support strategic decision-making.


Applies independent thinking and technology awareness to lead the integration of disparate concepts for the provision of unique solutions.

Needs Identification

Exploits wide ranging specialist knowledge of the customers business to offer possible solutions to business needs. Provides expert guidance to the customer by proposing solutions and supplier.

Risk Management

Provides leadership to define and make applicable a policy for risk management by considering all the possible constraints, including technical, economic and political issues. Delegates assignments.

Business Change Management

Provides leadership to plan, manage and implement significant ICT led business change.