Digital Educator

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Summary statement

Educates and trains Professionals to reach optimal digital competence to support business performance.



Provide the knowledge and skills required to ensure that people are able to effectively perform tasks in the workplace.


Main task/s

  • Conduct training needs analyses
  • Design programs to meet needs
  • Produce and/or update existing training materials (content and method)
  • Adapt third party training material to support individual competence development in line with organisational needs
  • Deliver effective training in classroom, on-line or informally
  • Monitor, evaluate and report effectiveness of training
  • Evaluate and report student performance
  • Encourages continuous professional development


IT Craftsmanship

Documentation Production

Determines documentation requirements taking into account the purpose and environment to which it applies.

Education and Training Provision

Acts creatively to analyse skills gaps; elaborates specific requirements and identifies potential sources for training provision. Has specialist knowledge of the training market and establishes a feedback mechanism to assess the added value of alternative training programmes.

Personnel Development

Monitors and addressees the development needs of individuals and teams.

Product and Portfolio Management

Understands and applies the principles of project management and applies methodologies, tools and processes to manage simple projects, optimizes costs and minimizes waste.