Network Specialist

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Summary statement

Ensures the alignment of the network, including telecommunication and/or computer infrastructure to meet the organisation’s communication needs.



Manages and operates a networked information system, solving problems and faults to ensure defined service levels. Monitors and improves network performances and security.


Main task/s

  • Ensure communication performance, recovery, and security needs meet agreed service agreement standards
  • Contribute to define network design policies, philosophies and criteria
  • Investigate, diagnose and solve network problems
  • Use network management system tools to determine network load and model performance statistics
  • Maintain awareness of relevant legislation affecting network security
  • Configure network to protect against security threats
  • Monitor network to identify and address traffic bottle necks


IT Craftsmanship

Application Design

Accounts for own and others actions in ensuring that the application is correctly integrated within a complex environment and complies with user/customer needs.

Component Integration

Accounts for own and others actions in the integration process. Complies with appropriate standards and change control procedures to maintain integrity of the overall system functionality and reliability.

Solution Deployment

Accounts for own and others actions for solution provision and initiates comprehensive communication with stakeholders. Exploits specialist knowledge to influence solution construction providing advice and guidance.

Problem Management

Exploits specialist knowledge and in-depth understanding of the ICT infrastructure and problem management process to identify failures and resolve with minimum outage. Makes sound decisions in emotionally charged environments on appropriate action required to minimize business impact. Rapidly identifies failing component, selects alternatives such as repair, replace or reconfigure.

Information Security Management

Evaluates security management measures and indicators and decides if compliant to information security policy. Investigates and instigates remedial measures to address any security breaches.