Quality Assurance Manager

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Summary statement

Ensures that processes and organisations implementing Information Systems comply to quality policies.



Establishes and operates an ICT quality approach aligned with the organisation’s culture. Commits the organisation to the achievement of quality goals and an encourages an environment of continuous improvement.


Main task/s

  • Establish and deploy the ICT quality policy
  • Organise and provide quality training
  • Provide ICT managers with quality performance indicators
  • Perform quality audits
  • Organise customer satisfaction surveys
  • Assist project team members to build and perform project quality plans


IT Craftsmanship

ICT Quality Strategy Development

Exploits wide ranging specialist knowledge to leverage and authorize the application of external standards and best practices.

Risk Management

Decides on appropriate actions required to adapt security and address risk exposure. Evaluates, manages and ensures validation of exceptions; audits ICT processes and environment.

Process Improvement

Provides leadership and authorizes implementation of innovations and improvements that will enhance competitiveness or efficiency. Demonstrates to senior management the business advantage of potential changes.

ICT Quality Management

Assesses and estimates the degree to which quality requirements have been met and provides leadership for quality policy implementation. Provides cross functional leadership for setting and exceeding quality standards.