Systems Administrator

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Summary statement

Administers ICT System components to meet service requirements.



Installs software, configures and upgrades ICT systems. Administers day-to-  day operations to satisfy continuity of service, recovery, security and  performance needs.


Main task/s

  • Investigate, diagnose and solve system related problems
  • Install and upgrades software
  • Test upgrades
  • Schedule installation work, to minimize disruption
  • Diagnose and solve hardware or software problems
  • Comply with organisation procedures to ensure integrity and security of the system


IT Craftsmanship

Component Integration

Acts systematically to identify compatibility of software and hardware specifications. Documents all activities during installation and records deviations and remedial activities.


Organises test programmes and builds scripts to stress test potential vulnerabilities. Records and reports outcomes providing analysis of results.

Change Support

Ensures the integrity of the system by controlling the application of functional updates, software or hardware additions and maintenance activities. Complies with budget requirements.

Problem Management

Programmes the schedule of operational tasks. Manages costs and budget according to the internal procedures and external constraints. Identifies the optimum number of people required to resource the operational management of the IS infrastructure.

Information Security Management

Systematically scans the environment to identify and define vulnerabilities and threats. Records and escalates non-compliance.