Systems Analyst

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Summary statement

Analyses organisation requirements and specifies software and system requirements for new IT solutions.



Ensures the technical design and contributes to the implementation of new and/or enhanced software provision. Provides solutions for the improvement of organisational efficiency and productivity.


Main task/s

  • Analyse existing systems and business models
  • Recommend resolutions and improvements
  • Provide integrated solutions
  • Provide consolidate findings on components or processes
  • Author technical performance requirements
  • Ensure security by design
  • Maps and documents interfaces between legacy and new systems


IT Craftsmanship

Architecture Design

Exploits specialist knowledge to define relevant ICT technology and specifications to be deployed in the construction of multiple ICT projects, applications or infrastructure improvements.

Documentation Production

Adapts the level of detail according to the objective of the documentation and the targeted population.

Systems Engineering

Handles complexity by developing standard procedures and architectures in support of cohesive product development. Establishes a set of system requirements that will guide the design of the system. Identifies which system requirements should be allocated to which elements of the system.

Process Improvement

Exploits specialist knowledge to research existing ICT processes and solutions in order to define possible innovations. Makes recommendations based on reasoned arguments.