Systems Architect

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Summary statement

Plans, designs and integrates ICT system components including hardware,  software and services.



Designs, integrates and implements complex technical ICT solutions  ensuring procedures and models for development are current and comply  with common standards. Monitors new technology developments and  applies if appropriate. Provides technological design leadership.


Main task/s

  • Specify and implement the architecture of complex ICT solutions
  • Lead development and integration of components
  • Lead and/ or conduct system integration
  • Ensures incorporation of security by design
  • Analyse technical and business requirements
  • Develop and maintain a comprehensive record of usability requirements


IT Craftsmanship

Architecture Design

Acts with wide ranging accountability to define the strategy to implement ICT technology compliant with business need. Takes account of the current technology platform, obsolescent equipment and latest technological innovations.

Technology Trend Monitoring

Exploits wide ranging specialist knowledge of new and emerging technologies, coupled with a deep understanding of the business, to envision and articulate solutions for the future. Provides expert guidance and advice, to the leadership team to support strategic decision-making.


Applies independent thinking and technology awareness to lead the integration of disparate concepts for the provision of unique solutions.

Component Integration

Exploits wide ranging specialist knowledge to create a process for the entire integration cycle, including the establishment of internal standards of practice. Provides leadership to marshal and assign resources for programmes of integration.

Systems Engineering

Handles complexity by developing standard procedures and architectures in support of cohesive product development. Establishes a set of system requirements that will guide the design of the system. Identifies which system requirements should be allocated to which elements of the system.