Test Specialist

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Summary statement

Designs and performs testing plans.



Ensures delivered or existing products, applications or services comply with technical and user needs and specifications. For existing systems, applications, innovations and changes; diagnoses failure of products or services to meet specification.


Main task/s

  • Select and develop integration testing techniques to ensure the system meets requirements
  • Design and customize integration tests, identify open issues
  • Organize test plans and procedures for white and black box testing at unit, module, system and integration levels
  • Establish procedures for result analysis and reporting
  • Design and implement defect tracking and correction procedures
  • Write test program to assess software quality
  • Develop tools to increase test effectiveness


IT Craftsmanship

Component Integration

Accounts for own and others actions in the integration process. Complies with appropriate standards and change control procedures to maintain integrity of the overall system functionality and reliability.


Exploits specialist knowledge to supervise complex testing programmes. Ensures tests and results are documented to provide input to subsequent process owners such as designers, users or maintainers. Accountable for compliance with testing procedures including a documented audit trail.

Solution Deployment

Acts systematically to build or deconstruct system elements. Identifies failing components and establishes root cause failures. Provides support to less experienced colleagues.

Documentation Production

Adapts the level of detail according to the objective of the documentation and the targeted population.

Risk Management

Understands and applies the principles of risk management and investigates ICT solutions to mitigate identified risks.