Hi, I’m Maarten van Dalen and I’ve been working on focus and growth among professionals and organisations for more than 20 years. I have done this in various roles as an employee and have been doing this as an employer for 12 years now.

It is my personal mission to get you mentally moving. I think this is important because it allows you to remain employable with your employer and on the labor market and, above all, determining your course is a useful way to achieve fantastic results.


Technology (Ai) is currently undergoing a stormy development. This development creates innovation and change, also for you because work will be different.

No doomsday scenarios or fears on my part, but being aware of the coming changes. My experience shows that awareness is the biggest challenge we face as professionals.

I help employees with smart training and handy software to start raising awareness and embracing change.

“Simplicity is the hardest thing there is.” Leonardo da Vinci

I embrace this truth with conviction. By cutting through the complexity and focusing on simplicity, I help you and your employer to thrive. Simplicity means clarity, understanding and the freedom to grow without unnecessary burden.

Here’s another quote that talks about the essence of simplicity.

“Football is simple, but the hardest thing there is, is simple football” – Johan Cruyff

How can you reach me?

Phone 0338876104

Mail maarten@appcert.eu