D.6 Channel Management

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Develops the strategy for managing third party sales outlets.

Ensures optimum commercial performance of the value-added resellers (VAR) channel through the provision of a coherent business and marketing strategy.

Defines the targets for volume, geographic coverage and the industry sector for VAR engagements and structures incentive programmes to achieve complimentary sales results.



Level 3

Acts creatively to influence the establishment of a VAR network.

Manages the identification and assessment of potential VAR members and sets up support procedures.

VARs managed to maximise business performance


Level 4

Exploits wide ranging skills in marketing and sales to create the organisation’s VAR strategy.

Establishes the processes by which VARs will be managed to maximise business performance.



The competition (what and where)

The market distribution across the field

Sales channel typologies (e.g. direct sales, VAR, web marketing)

Incentive policies

User experience of each channel type

Legal issues relating to channels and VAR organisations



Choose the best sales channel according to the product or solution being delivered

Define discounts according to the competitive environment

Select value added retailers based on thorough analyses, plan and make contacts

Monitor and supervise channel performances in line with sales forecast and able to define corrective actions if necessary

Apply web marketing methods


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