E.5 Process Improvement

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Measures effectiveness of existing ICT processes.

Researches and benchmarks ICT process design from a variety of sources.

Follows a systematic methodology to evaluate, design and implement process or technology changes for measurable business benefit.

Assesses potential adverse consequences of process change.



Level 3

Exploits specialist knowledge to research existing ICT processes and solutions in order to define possible innovations.

Makes recommendations based on reasoned arguments.


Level 4

Provides leadership and authorises implementation of innovations and improvements that will enhance competitiveness or efficiency.

Demonstrates to senior management the business advantage of potential changes.



Research methods, benchmarks and measurements methods

Evaluation, design and implementation methodologies

Existing internal processes

Relevant developments in ICT (e.g. virtualisation, open data, etc.), and the potential impact on processes

Web, cloud and mobile technologies

Resource optimisation and waste reduction



Compose, document and catalogue essential processes and procedures

Propose process changes to facilitate and rationalise improvements

Implement process changes


Functies met E.5 Process Improvement competentie

Business Analyst

Systems Analyst

Quality Assurance Manager