Unlock the potential of powerful techniques to define your own success. Cherish every moment of triumph, chart your route to prosperity, and be inspired by the success of others to forge your own path.


Something wonderful happens when you determine your direction, things suddenly fall into place, you get into your flow! You will get tools for your career, your daily work and perhaps much more!

I help you to understand powerful techniques, to apply them to experience success.


Short, clear instructional videos

International trainer

Short and powerful sessions

Together with your colleagues

At the organization’s location


Active in the development of organizations and professionals since the last century.

Technology (Ai) is currently undergoing a stormy development. I want to get people mentally moving to be able to respond proactively to the changes.



Smarte playbook

The playbook ‘Strenght of Course’ has helped me get the ideas out of my head. Now I know where I put my energy.
Silvia Groen

Useful tips

The training is highly recommended whether you are at the beginning of your career or if you have been on the road for a while. Tips you receive are quickly applicable.
Karel Kneis

Short video’s

It’s nice that the videos are spoken in the required languange because it touches the core of who I am and then language becomes relevant.
Johan Kooistra


Use your moments of success

Success is not a coincidence; It is the result of hard work, determined actions, and the will to learn and grow. Every moment of success is a building block for your professional development, a testament to your abilities and perseverance.

the training you will be given tools to make this invisible evidence visible!

Set the course for your success

When you start a trip, it’s often useful to know where you’re going, isn’t it?

Imagine you’re the captain of a ship and you have no idea where to go. How much fuel, water or food do you need? What’s the weather? Can I do that on my own or do I need people? These are all relevant questions before you cast off, so during the training you answer these relevant questions.

Steps to success

Setting goals is a powerful process that guides your thinking and actions. It helps you to determine your focus, direct your efforts, and increase your motivation to realize your dreams.

This is your personal action plan to achieve great results.

Use the success of others!

A powerful technique in which you observe and analyze the thought patterns, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors of successful people. The goal is to identify these successful strategies and skills and then apply them in your own life or work. By ‘copying’ from others, you can learn faster yourself.

You will receive tips and tricks to take maximum advantage of this.