• Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architect

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Summary statement

Designs and maintains the holistic architecture of business processes and information systems.


Maintains a holistic perspective of the organisation strategy, processes, information, security and ICT assets. Links the mission, strategy and business processes to the IT strategy. Ensures project choices are integrated consistently, efficiently and in a  sustainable manner according to the enterprise’s digital standards.

Main task/s

  • Align digital and ICT strategies and planning with the organisation’s business goals
  • Anticipate future business needs and plan for how architecture will support/enable it
  • Streamline business processes, functions, procedures and workflows and apply a consistent implementation approach
  • Manage stakeholder engagement in the development of new processes and systems and verifies feasibility
  • Conduct post-implementation reviews to evaluate benefits accrued from new processes and systems
  • Build and maintain standards and enterprise architecture model and principles, for example process mapping
  • Evaluate the impact of changes within the ecosystem of the organisation (including political, technical, social, regulatory, legal)on the enterprise architecture


IS and Business Strategy Alignment

Provides IS strategic leadership to reach consensus and commitment from the management team of the enterprise.

Business Plan Development

Provides leadership for the creation of an information system strategy that meets the requirements of the business (e.g. distributed, mobility-based) and includes risks and opportunities.

Architecture Design

Acts with wide ranging accountability to define the strategy to implement ICT technology compliant with business need. Takes account of the current technology platform, obsolescent equipment and latest technological innovations.

Technology Trend Monitoring

Makes strategic decisions envisioning and articulating future ICT solutions for customer-oriented processes, new business products and services; directs the organisation to build and exploit them.

Information Security Management

Evaluates security management measures and indicators and decides if compliant to information security policy. Investigates and instigates remedial measures to address any security breaches.

These competencies are based on the European E-Competence Framework.